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Welcome to Bangalore Cancer Support Group (Connect To Heal) Blog Page
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Friday, June 30, 2017

First Reaction to Diagnosis

First Reaction to Diagnosis

We all felt different things when we first heard the words “ You have Cancer “ Some of us felt afraid, Shock, Denial, Fear and worry are normal first reactions.

Healing is a process. It is a journey It takes time.

These are feeling that many of us had after hearing we had Cancer

·      Shock and Denial
·      No one in my family has cancer. It cant be true.
·      I was shocked. When my test was always negative


·      Will I Survive
·      Who will take care of me and my family if I’m sick
·      Will I come back?

Financial Worries

·      Will my health insurance cover my treatment
·      What happens if  i cant afford to pay
·      I don’t have health insurance. Will I still be able to afford the treatment
·      Will I loose my Job

Accepting the Diagnosis

When I first heard I had Cancer I didn’t think Why me ? I thought what Next ?

Today I am not fine spiritually, mentally, emotionally May be some day I will be.“

Reasons to Seek Medical Treatment

If I take care of myself first then I can take care of others.
The Scriptures tell us to take care of our bodies
I have more things to do with my life
I want to get married, have kids or even see Children grow up
We owe it to ourselves and to our family to seek and stay connected to medical care.

Taking the Next Step

 In times of stress, it is easy to forget what helps us cope. We found that connecting with other people is an important part of moving forward.

Below are three steps to take toward healing yourself

1.     Understand Your Cancer.

Cancer is not a death statement. Being told you have cancer is very serious, but it does not mean you will die from it. It is important to get the treatment you need and stay connected to medical care and support people.

East persons body, diagnosis and treatment are different Find out what type of cancer you have and the best treatment for you. Your doctor can help you to understand the cancer. Even if the cancer has spread to other parts of your body, you may still live an active life.

2.    Get Medical Treatment

Go for help right away. Because each person is different, your treatment may different from another person treatment. Ask your doctor to write down all the treatments you could have. Its your body and you have the right to ask all the questions you need to understand everything about your cancer.

3.    Get Connected


You are a person with feelings and goals
You may want to spend some time alone or with others. Plan time to connect to yourself.

Friends and Family

Share your feelings with special people in your life. Tell them the best way they can help you. Connect with family and friends by having them take notes at your doctors appointments.


Get in touch with your spiritual feelings through God nature and prayers. Make time to connect to your spirituality.

Other Survivors

It may be easier to talk to other who have lived through cancer than close friends and family. Many are happy to share their experiences. Make plans to connect with them.

If you don’t know any survivors, call our help line or email us we will connect you.

Making Decisions

Managing Information

When we first heard that we had cancer, many of us felt like we were on an emotional roller -coaster.  We were overwhelmed. Not just by thoughts of death, but by so many decisions.

You might need to make a decision as to who you’re going to listen to. There’s so much information out there and so many people trying to tell you what to do.

Getting the Best Care

Finding the right doctor is one of your first and most important decisions. Although many of us knew what we  wanted, we realized that it might not be possible to find a doctor with all the qualities we needed and wanted.

Questions we asked when choosing our doctor and treatment

  Is this Doctor some one…

·      I trust and respect
·      Who will give me honest answers
·      Who will let me express my feelings and help me with them ?
·      Who is willing to explain things more than once ?
·      Who makes me feel safe and Comfortable ?

Before you select a treatment ask your doctor….

·      What medical tests will I need before starting treatment ? Why do I need these tests ?
·      Do I have a choice of treatments ? What are they ?
·      Will one treatment work better than the others ?
·      How much time can I take to make a decision ?
·      How can I get health insurance, if I don’t have it ?
·      Is there any Pharma Companies who can assist me with my treatment
·      How will I pay for the treatment ?

About the treatment

·      How many treatments will I need and over how long a period of time ?
·      How long will each treatment take ?
·      How will the treatment be given ?
·      Can I work and get around during treatment ?
·      What side  effects might I have from treatment ?
Can I stop them from happening ?
Check list for getting the best care
·       Write down your questions, Symptoms and worries , Bring the list with you.
·      Take someone with you who will help you. They can help take notes and listen to what the doctors says.
·      Ask your doctor that you want to take a Second Opinion. You have the right to get a second opinion.
·      Ask for copies of your test results.
·      Tell your doctors about your fears and concerns so that they can help you.




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