Welcome to Bangalore Cancer Support group (Connect to Heal) Blog page

Welcome to Bangalore Cancer Support Group (Connect To Heal) Blog Page
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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cancer Awreness program in Women Association on 2-Nov-11

We held a Cancer Awareness meeting with a local Women’s Association.  The facilitators were Madhuri, Ajitha and Padma. The objective of the meeting being to Stress on the Importance of early Detection and Subsequent Action. We focused onBreast Cancer as this was The Week devoted to that part of the natomy and brought in cervical cancer since the group consisted of women only. The meeting began and ended with high energy. The content presented were:
What is Cancesr. Statistics of the disease and the prognoses.
More information on how to detect and also what can be done to avoid and lastly the need to retain
faith in oneself as we can continue to lead a normal (bit of exaggeration)life if we follow certain guidelines.

As Ajitha shares her experience of the disease and how she managed to overcome the debilitating aspect and find fulfillment in continuing her activities there was a uplift of enthusiasm