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Welcome to Bangalore Cancer Support Group (Connect To Heal) Blog Page
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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mamata's Life story ; Positive Thinking

I am Mamatha Shetty,a Cancer Survivor.

At the outset,I would like to apprise all the readers of this article that as a survivor,I have become a stronger person mentally and physically than I was before.

I am a survivor for the last 25 years.During the time I was diagnosed,awareness of this disease was minimal.There were no Counsellors or Support Groups, to help one,through those difficult days.

I went through the travails of the disease,I would say,only with one thought in mind,that I would survive!From day one,it was a challenge.With a very supportive family and my strong conviction,I have overcome the disease.

There were other factors too which helped me in this battle.I was fortunate enough that the disease was diagnosed in an early stage.The doctors who treated me were very competent.The follow up treatment was harsh. But with my determination to live and with my positive thinking, it passed off well.

Along with the treatment,I took extra care to bring my ravaged body back to normal health.Balanced diet,regular exercises,yoga etc .became my life style.Because of this life style,even at 72 years of age,I have all the energy and enthusiasm to lead an active life.

I have published a memoir,titled 'Leaves from the book of life"after gaining more insight to life ,during these 25 years.Future is an uncertainty for all human beings,isn't it?

I believe in

1.being positive.

2.appreciate the gift of life.

3. be a support to those who face the same situation as I did years ago.

Positive thinking is the key factor in my struggle.